I Cried during My Workout

Lots of emotion happening this week.   For one, it’s my birthday week. As I start this new year, I have big goals.  They seem a bit overwhelming at times and I wish i could just jump ahead to the end.Yet I know that it’s not really the end point that matters, It’s  the journey that forms and shapes us. It’s the lessons in the everyday success and failures.  Getting to the end won’t in itself make me happy and whole, of I haven’t done the work, fully present and engaged.


I also have been facing some events in my past that are stirring up pain and guilt so thought I had long since buried.

That’s the thing about introspection and self-discovery, you have to let go before moving forward. However, taking the time for yourself to realize how far you come is so rewarding.   With the help of a therapist and some fabulous life and business coaches (Raewyn, Megan, and Allie) I am moving in the right direction.   I would never have dreamed of putting my weight loss journey out for all the world to see.  Yet know it seems as natural as my early morning workouts or meal prepping.

I know so have a journey ahead of me. I know I will likely shed more tears in the days and months ahead.   I also know I will experience joy and peace like never before.  I can’t wait for all of the moments and to meet the person I become at the end.


Starting weight 192.4

Current weight: 188.6

Total weight loss 3.8 pounds





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