Holidays and Maintaining Focus

Wow, it’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m not even sure where Fall went!    The last two weeks of October we’re a bit of a blur!  I participated as a crew member at the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a tough but fulfilling 3 days and $1.2 million was raised for the fight and cure!

After this weekend, my husband deployed to Peurto Rico with the VA-1 Disaster Management Assistance Team (DMAT) and I stayed busy working and juggling my son’s schedule as well!  Then my Dad came in town and my husband made it back just in time for Halloween! (I may have had a few mini candy bars!)

Trunk or Treat with Grandpa

Daddy’s Home

We had a week together and then I myself deployed!   What a whirlwind month!  Needless to say  the focus had been on good food choices and maintaining versus losing at this moment.

I know that this will be even more important from Thanksgiving through the New Year!   Here are just a few of my tips for maintaining focus through the holidays!

1. Keep  your workouts scheduled!

Make them non-negotiable just like any other time of year.   They will also help keep your stress level in check as endorphins are known mood boosters!

2.  Meal plan

Yes, we will all have plenty of days where we aren’t in control of what we’re being served from office parties to family gatherings.  However, this isn’t the time to splurge the rest of your meals.  Continue to meal prep healthy options as much as possible.  Another tip is to eat something high in protein and good fat before you go to the party to keep from grazing all night.

3. Sleep

You may be tempted to burn the candle on both ends to get things done before the New Year.  You really should sleep more not less to keep up with the busy season.  Even a half hour more will leave you feeling ready to tackle those projects more effectively.

4. Don’t drink your calories

Holiday drinks are often full of cream and sugars (eggnog anyone?) Opt for lots of water during the day and if you must choose red wine or clear spirits with seltzer water from the bar.

5. Give yourself some grace

Things will and do come up.   Don’t miss out on that piece of pumpkin pie just because you might feel guilty later.   If you have to take a rest day due to travel it’s ok.     If you’re doing your workouts and eating healthy 80% of the time, you deserve some grace as well.   Enjoy the time of friends and family and you’ll be surprised how well you maintain this holiday season!





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