1st Quarter Reflection

As we move into spring, I am taking a moment to reflect on my journey this first quarter of 2017.  At the beginning of the year, I set an intention of Fearless Freedom.  So looking back, I ask myself, have I lived by that intention?

I attended a Paint Nite  on my own and enjoyed every minute. I am becoming free of being an introvert.

I attended a fitness expo and met Autumn Calabrese. I even worked out in a room full of other people. I am becoming more secure in my own body and feel worthy of this fitness journey.

I completed a 21 day Ultimate Reset despite the skepticism of others. I proved to myself that eating clean makes a difference and that weight is lost as much in the kitchen as in the gym.

I won’t say this first quarter was perfect, far from it really.  Yet I know I have lived my intention.  I am gathering experiences and lessons that will carry me for the rest of my time.

This second quarter will be one of focus and acceptance.  I need to leave the perfect and revel in the good enough and give myself grace to grow.


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